Along with debuts and other special projects, the distinguished alumni of the Pioneer Works Residency program elucidate the forces that drive their work.

The Hole Is a Center
Angelo Madsen Minax gets beneath the skin.
Machine Jazz
The electronic duo HxH on following their sonic impulses.
Inhuman Nature
Jenson Leonard's disembodied King of Pop channels Black dystopia.
Reading the Room
Autumn Knight's performance leaves space for chance.
Earth Music
On "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," the white wander, and finding a part of myself.
Debut: Carrie Sijia Wang’s “Lost and Found”
A new video work on how machines (mis)translate immigrant lives.
An Index of Indexes
A new book charts the sweeping, fluid––and even wet––history of digital feminism.
The Quiet Image
Through Dawn Kim’s enigmatic photographs, novelist Lynne Tillman ponders the very act of looking.
You Are Now Entering Godmode
What can the art of machinima teach us about playing a game outside its own rules?
Diaspora at a Distance
"Diaspora is oceanic. State-based consolidation of identity is an arid landscape in ruins."
"It Bears an Imprint, However Small, of You"
An interpreter and an artist on Japanese-English translation and interpreting for spirit over fidelity.
On Love & Data: To Be Heard Without Limitation
What—and whom—does technology recognize?
Debut: Lauren Lee McCarthy's "Muted"
In a new screen-based experience, the artist and Pioneer Works Tech Resident stitches together sound, text, and complex emotions from the unresolved pandemic.
Carry You With Me
To coincide with a new exhibition and book, a sneak peek at the transformational stitch art of LJ Roberts.
Gaslighting Your Boss: Creative Experiments in Digital Sabotage
Artist Sam Lavigne on how to derail your digital life.
Collective Desire
Whether following a team of botanists or geriatric residents in a senior center, Fall 2020 Pioneer Works Visual Arts Resident Erin Johnson uses video to find beauty—and rebellion—in the power of the collective.
"Antidote" is an online environment and land acknowledgment that gives the "land" back to black freedom realities.
The Collective Call to Action
Former Pioneer Works Music Residents Amirtha Kidambi and Shayna Dunkelman sit down to discuss the music industry, its racial and gender dynamics, and how to re-envision its power structures.
Choreography of Circulation
Former Spring 2020 Pioneer Works Technology Resident Lai Yi Ohlsen discusses social media, collaboration, and the viral Black body with choreographer Marguerite Hemmings.
Let's Go To Pakistan!
Fall 2020 Pioneer Works Technology Resident Umber Majeed uses her uncle’s tourism company, Trans-Pakistan, as a starting point to create alternative and speculative realities that question larger narratives around nationalism, capital, and Western influence.
Naeem: Onto The Next Thing
Pioneer Works' Artistic Director, Gabriel Florenz, sits down to chat with Naeem Juwan on his departure from Spank Rock, settling into himself, and his new project, Startisha.
Towards an Equitable Ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence
The transmedia artist and former technology resident is working to create a more compassionate today through the interrogation and development of AI systems.
Keep Trollin'
Former Pioneer Works Tech Resident Ryan Kuo talks with Tommy Martinez about Faith, his “easily triggered” chatbot app.
Kenneth Tam on WE ARE NOT COVID and Deconstructing Masculinity
The former Pioneer Works resident artist talks to Vivian Chui about anti-Asian harassment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and his latest work breaking down male homosociality.
Between Code and Poetry with Lai Yi Ohlsen
What frameworks shape our perspective of the world? Algorithms or poetics? Lai Yi Ohlsen shares her projects, code poems and 100 scores, and discusses how the frameworks of tech, poetry, and movement intersect.
On Pause with Nate Lewis
The Pioneer Works residency alumnus and former intensive care nurse draws connections between art and medicine, and reflects on his ongoing endeavor to achieve balance.
Fleshold Crossing
Explore Fleshold Crossing, a virtual reality artwork in five parts by former Pioneer Works residents, Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, with developer Kenny Smith, and enriched with soundtracks by composer Andrew Clarke.
Residency in Review: Tahir Carl Karmali
Alumni Resident Tahir Carl Karmali discusses the evolution of his project PAPERwork and how and why a project might re-enter your life at key moments.