Even prior to creating a formalized program, residencies have been a cornerstone of our mission. Before adopting the name Pioneer Works, our founding team proposed the "Museum of the Working Artist". While the name didn’t stick—the ethos did. We are deeply committed to providing emerging artists, musicians, and technologists with a space to work, tools to create, and a platform to exchange ideas.

Each September, we select residents through an open call. Aided by a jury of experts and Alumni Residents, Pioneer Works welcomes residents who work outside existing models and “norms” of their field and will benefit from our unique facilities and culture. As such, Pioneer Works shifts and evolves to reflect the interests and work of each new cohort of residents, from public education offerings to Second Sundays, a monthly forum of artistic experimentation through activations, open studios, and performance.

All residents that complete the program join our ever-growing alumni network and are tapped for future opportunities like teaching, partnerships, and other public programs.

Residencies at Pioneer Works are supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York State Legislature, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Applications for our 2023 Residency Open Call are now closed.

We will not be holding a 2024 Open Call due to scheduled construction.

Our 2025 Open Call application will be available in September 2024.


How many residents are accepted per cohort?

We accept 12 Visual Arts Residents, 6 Tech Residents, and 12 Music Residents each year.

Do you accept collectives?

Yes, we do. However, resources (financial award, studio, etc) would be shared.

Can I apply if I am an alumnus of the program?

No, we do offer other opportunities to our alumni.

Can I apply if I'm currently in college or graduate school?

No, we do accept current students.

Do you offer feedback on portfolio?

Unfortunately, we do not due to the volume of applications received.

What resources do you offer?

We offer free studio space and access to a risograph, darkroom, ceramics studio, large format printer, 3D scanner, 3D printer, thermobinder, perception neuron suit, and laser cutter.

Do you offer housing?

No, we do not.

Do you offer a financial award?

We offer Visual Arts and Tech Residents a $2000 financial award and our Music Residents a $1000 financial award.

How long are your residencies?

Our Music Residency is 1 month, and our Visual Art and Tech Residency are 5 months.


Current Residents

Upcoming Residents

Alumni Residents