Second Sundays

Second Sundays is a free event series presented on the second Sunday of every month. The program features open studios with current artists in residence, live music, exhibitions and participatory programs exploring art, science, technology and education.


Food and Beverage by Rita and PW Bar.


On View

Shuta Hasunuma: Compositions

Shuta Hasunuma’s Compositions features a selection of new works created both in Japan and during Hasunuma’s Pioneer Works residency in winter 2017. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States. It gathers together sculpture and videos centered on sounds from everyday life, which probe the circumstances and frameworks surrounding human existence.

Hasunuma’s sound works center on environmental and electronic sounds and extensive collaborations with diverse musicians including Akio Suzuki, Keiji Haino, and Fluxus member Mieko Shiomi. By mold...Read more

Participatory Programs


Ethnocomputing Experiments

Tech resident Vanessa Rosa and collaborator Wenqi Li present Ethnocomputing Experiments, an ongoing project that seeks to understand and play with heritage algorithms using contemporary technological possibilities to imagine a future that is aware of the richness of its past. 

Community Action Library: CHARAS: The Improbable Dome Builders

Explore archives on community organizing with Pioneer Works Press to celebrate the work of CHARAS as documented in our recent publication, CHARAS: The Improbable Dome Builders.

Design Lab Open Studios

Browse Pioneer Works Press publications designed by our in-house team. Books are available for purchase at Pioneer Books.

Engineering A Cure: Pop-Up Genetics Workshop

Learn more about genes in this workshop inspired by our upcoming conversation series, Scientific Controversies No. 14: Engineering a Cure with Nobel laureate David Baltimore and Geneticist Feng Zhang.

"Elementary, my dear Watson"

Speak with a virtual entity program using IBM Watson!

Tech Lab Open Studios

Experience the work of our spring tech residents David Huerta, Morehshin Allahyari, Vanessa Rosa, and Martine Syms.

Simon Hanes in Studios

Visit music resident Simon Hanes as he prepares for his performance with Tredici Bacci at 8pm.

Solar and Star Gazing with Amateur Astronomers Association

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association of NY in the garden for an interactive look into the sky.



Tredici Bacci

Simon Hanes founded Tredici Bacci, a 14 piece chamber-rock orchestra, as a vehicle by which to explore his near-manic obsession with music from Italian films of the 1960s and 70s. Since then, the NY-based group has been performing their celebratory and transgressive approach to a largely overlooked musical lineage.