Press Play 2023

Join Pioneer Works for our fourth edition of Press Play, a weekend-long fair of books, small presses, records, art, ephemera, and publications of all kinds.

This year we invite publishers, artists, musicians, labels, and their communities to participate in talks, performances, and workshops that showcase new ways of reading, listening, and creating culture today.

Press Play is organized by Pioneer Works and is free and open to the public.

Publishing at Pioneer Works comprises our imprint, Pioneer Works Press, and magazine, Broadcast. This year’s programs are presented in partnership with Triple Canopy, Blank Forms, BlackMass Publishing, Afrophon', and more.

Press Play 2023 programs will be broadcast live on Montez Press Radio. Listen here.


29 Speedway

8 Ball Community

360 Record Shop




Adventures LTD

Apogee Graphics

Archive Books

Art Against Displacement

Awesome Tapes From Africa

Bilna’es and Studio Manjaneek

Cake Zine

Cesar Padilla / CHERRY VINTAGE

Chang Yuchen

Christopher Kardambikis and Paper Cuts

Cimiotti Recordings

Cinemóvil nyc

Crude Tapes / Editions Refined

Dispersed Holdings


Dream Labor Press

Familiars Strangers

Film Desk Books

Fugitive Materials


Gong Press

Hypothetical Books

Inpatient Press

Image Text Ithaca Press

Institute for Studies on Latin American Art

Kyle Canyon

Kyle Richardson

Mini Medium Press

Matarile Ediciones


Most Ancient

Nightboat Books

Neoglyphic Media

Notice Recordings


Palto Flats

Paper Cameras Press

Paradise Of Replica

Passenger Pigeon Press

Pearl Slug Studio

PTP (Purple Tape Pedigree / Protect The Peace)

Props Paper

Publication Studio

Random Man Editions

Ramp Local

Raw Meat

Revista Balam

Seaton Street Press

Secret Riso Club


Soap Library

Sojourners for Justice Press

Space Type

Stone Tapes

The Baffler

The Drift

The Song Cave

The Whitney Review of New Writing


Vera List Center


Wendy's Subway

Wonder Press

Pioneer Works Broadcast