Fact Craft presents Femme Mâché: Under Construction

As part of our ongoing Fact Craft series, this workshop invites participants to deconstruct and reconstruct a variety of clickbait articles, dense academic texts, recognizable images, topical poems and songs, images, art pieces, and more. Through carefully curated text and guided conversation, participants will dive into the process through which we create, alter, and internalize “facts.” In the process, participants will physically destroy and repurpose the texts through which we perceive these facts to create a complete zine, self-published and produced by the zine collective Femme Mâché. This practice seeks to subvert the methods through which we come to understand factual information.

Materials: All materials are provided.

Audience: This workshop is open to anyone interested in talking and collaging.

Price: $25.00

Femme Mâché is a documentary zine-making collective of femme-identifying thinkers, tinkers, and everything in between. Femme Mâché’s community comes together once a month to engage in thorough treatments of different topical issues on the minds of co-founders Lilian Finckel and Pooja Desai. Together, with the assistance of the FM community, the two assemble a package of resources that are brought into workshops to deconstruct through physical collage and communal discussion. At the end of each workshop, creations are collected and later assembled into a structured zine, capturing the discussion, both externally as a group and internally person to person, in a single documentary publication.