Strange Futures

Strange Futures is a column hosted by Willa Köerner of The Strange Foundation, which features artists and organizers who are actively creating transformation in this moment.

On Unlearning Conceptions Around Disability
Artist, educator, and organizer Taeyoon Choi on the importance of creating more accessible spaces and programs, no matter where you’re starting from.
How to Process the Existential Dread of the Climate Crisis
Author and researcher Britt Wray on how climate change is affecting our mental health, tactics for processing eco-anxiety, and why community-level organizing is the best way to take action.
Strange Futures—Austin Robey & Danny Spitzberg
Ampled co-founder Austin Robey and researcher Danny Spitzberg on what’s possible with cooperative business models—especially when applied to the web.
On the Resilience That Grows Out of Destruction and Decay
Organizer and educator Sawdayah Brownlee on what she’s learned working in community gardens across NYC, and how to use tough times as fuel for a more abundant future.
How to Make a Progressive Political Agenda Go Viral
Melissa Saenz Gordon and Glenn Robinson on starting Soft Power Vote, why voting in NY is so confusing, the impact you can have just by checking in on your peers, and how it’s easier to be civically engaged than you think.
The Black School
Shani Peters and Joseph Cuillier on starting The Black School from the seed of an idea, building an ecosystem around it, iterating over time, and scaling up.
How to Make Mutual-Aid Work Sustainable
Zenat Begum on prioritizing community care, stocking free-food fridges, and life as an ongoing form of resistance.
On Practicing Liberation
Artist, organizer, and Pioneer Works collaborator Tsige Tafesse on the power of working collectively, the absurdity of institutions, and why it’s time to divest from platform capitalism.