Pioneer Works builds community through the arts and sciences to create an open and inspired world.


Pioneer Works encourages radical thinking across disciplines by providing practitioners a space to work, tools to create, and a platform to exchange ideas that are free and open to all. We are driven by the realization that humanity is facing unprecedented social, intellectual, and spiritual challenges; our programs explore new ways of facing those challenges by using the arts and sciences dynamically as both a lens and catalyst. When humanity comes together and combines the ideas and talents of many, we have the ability to engineer what once appeared to be impossible.


Pioneer Works values curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and inclusion. At the core, Pioneer Works aims to improve how to understand and regard each other and the world. We believe our multidisciplinary approach creates a unique capacity to build bridges across ideas and communities, so that we may all think differently, together.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit 501(c)(3). View our Form 990.


Pioneer Works is an artist-run cultural center that opened its doors to the public, free of charge, in 2012. Imagined by its founder, artist Dustin Yellin, as a place in which artists, scientists, and thinkers from various backgrounds converge, this “museum of process” takes its primary inspiration from utopian visionaries such as Buckminster Fuller, and radical institutions such as Black Mountain College.

The three-story red brick building that houses Pioneer Works was built in 1866 for what was then Pioneer Iron Works. The factory, which manufactured railroad tracks and other large-scale machinery, was a local landmark after which Pioneer Street was named. Devastated by fire in 1881, the building was rebuilt, and remained in active use through World War II. Dustin Yellin acquired the building in 2011, and renovated it with Gabriel Florenz, Pioneer Works’ Founding Artistic Director, and a team of talented artists, supporters, and advisors. Together, they established Pioneer Works as a 501c3 nonprofit in 2012.

Since its inception, Pioneer Works has built science studios, a technology lab with 3-D printing, a virtual environment lab for VR and AR production, a recording studio, a media lab for content creation and dissemination, a darkroom, residency studios, galleries, gardens, a ceramics studio, a press, and a bookshop. Pioneer Works’ central hall is home to a rotating schedule of exhibitions, science talks, music performances, workshops, and innovative free public programming.


Board of Directors

  • Julia Bator
  • David Belt
  • Matthew Brimer
  • Mark Dalio
  • Ron Elum
  • Austin Hearst
  • Katherine Ikeda
  • Neal Katyal
  • Janna Levin
  • Susie Lopez
  • Charles Meyer
  • Matthew Putman
  • Andres Santo Domingo
  • Richard Sarnoff
  • Alan Tisch
  • Dustin Yellin
  • Leyli Zohrenejad

Alan Siegel, Chairman Emeritus

Advisory Board

  • Paola Antonelli
  • Darren Aronofsky
  • Sunny Bates
  • Carol Bove
  • David Byrne
  • Perry Chen
  • Jesse Dylan
  • Robert Hammond
  • Alanna Heiss
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Karen Brooks Hopkins
  • Marlon James
  • Michael Joo
  • Ben Lerner
  • Kweku Mandela
  • Shirin Neshat
  • Maria Popova
  • Tom Reiss
  • Esperanza Spalding
  • Mickalene Thomas
  • Justin Vernon
  • HRH Princess Eugenie of York


  • Azita Ardakani
  • Deborah Berke
  • Greg Bousted
  • Benjamin Bronfman
  • David Brooks
  • Gabriel Calatrava
  • Thomas Clapp
  • Bob Colacello
  • Mary Cunney
  • Lacey Dorn
  • Justin Durazzo
  • Gibby Haynes
  • Andrew Kern
  • Jennifer McCrea
  • Blair Miller
  • Justin Stanwix
  • Andrea Steele
  • Andrew Vanwyngarden
  • Robert Wong


  • Dustin Yellin
    Founder & President
  • Gabriel Florenz
    Founding Artistic Director
  • Janna Levin
    Chair & Director of Sciences

  • Marcia Santoni
    COO / Managing Director
  • Jen Atalla
    Senior Video Producer
  • Hugo Barreca
  • Nimrod Barshad
    Senior Web Developer
  • Emil Bogar-Nasdor
    AV Technician
  • Ben Castanon
    Director of Partnerships
  • Daysi Centeno
    Events and Visitor Services Coordinator
  • Vivian Chui
    Associate Curator
  • Christina Daniels
    Residency and Classes Manager
  • Camille Drummond
    Director of Publishing
  • Becky Elmquist
    Communications Director
  • Anna Feng
  • Greg Fox
    Music Curator-at-Large
  • Joey Frank
    Editor, Pioneer Works Journal
  • Justin Frye
    Director of Music Programming
  • Katie Giritlian
    Publishing Coordinator
  • Kyle Hagerman
    Technical Director
  • Teddy Herriman
    Research Assistant
  • Tiffanie Harris
    Director of Community and School Programs
  • David Everitt Howe
  • Sandy Kassalias
    Senior Manager, Events and Visitor Services
  • Daniel Kent
    Design Director
  • Samantha Maldonado
    Business Development Coordinator
  • Tommy Martinez
    Director of Technology
  • Angie Meitzler
    Associate Technologist
  • Carlos Perez
  • Maxine Petry
    Director of External Affairs
  • Marisa Prefer
  • Ethan Primason
    AV Production Manager
  • Gabe Rubin
    Video Production
  • David Sheinkopf
    Technology Adviser
  • Meredith Smith
    Producer for Science Studios
  • Taylor Spitzer
    Corporate & Special Events
  • Bethany Tabor
    Public Programs Associate
  • Mary Thompson
    Program Coordinator
  • Julian Townley
    Facilities Director & Chief Installer

Employment Opportunities

Pioneer Works offers a wide range of positions in an inclusive work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer.