Pioneer Works is a cultural center dedicated to experimentation, education, and production across disciplines. Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, residencies, and exhibitions, Pioneer Works transcends disciplinary boundaries to foster a community where alternative modes of thought are activated and supported. We strive to make culture accessible to all.

85% of our funds are spent on free and affordable programs, across each disciplinary department and our community engagement team. This wide scope of accessible offerings attracts over 150,000 individuals per year to our building. In order to sustain our programming through this process, we are working with our generous donor community to raise the operating funds required to continue to provide our high level of affordable and thought-provoking programming for the community of Red Hook, New York City, and our audience members from around the world.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit 501(c)(3). View our Form 990 here.


Constructed in 1866 to house Pioneer Iron Works, the building was originally a factory for constructing large-scale industrial materials including railroad tracks and machinery for sugar plantations. The building was burned to the ground by a devastating fire in 1881, but was rebuilt shortly thereafter and remained in operation until the end of World War II. The factory was a landmark that ultimately gave Pioneer Street its name.


Board of Directors

  • Azita Ardakani
  • Julia Bator
  • David Belt
  • Matthew Brimer
  • Ron Elum
  • Katherine Ikeda
  • Neal Katyal
  • Janna Levin
  • Jason Liebman
  • Susie Lopez
  • Charles Meyer
  • Matthew Putman
  • Andres Santo Domingo
  • Alan Siegel
  • Alan Tisch
  • Dustin Yellin
  • Leyli Zohrenejad

Advisory Board

  • Paola Antonelli
  • Sunny Bates
  • Deborah Berke
  • Carol Bove
  • Benjamin Bronfman
  • David Brooks
  • David Byrne
  • Gabriel Calatrava
  • Perry Chen
  • Thomas Clapp
  • Bob Colacello
  • Lacey Dorn
  • Jesse Dylan
  • Robert Hammond
  • Gibby Haynes
  • Alanna Heiss
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Karen Brooks Hopkins
  • Michael Joo
  • Andrew Kern
  • Ben Lerner
  • Kweku Mandela
  • Jennifer McCrea
  • Blair Miller
  • Shirin Neshat
  • Maria Popova
  • Tom Reiss
  • Paul Roossin
  • Esperanza Spalding
  • Justin Stanwix
  • Mickalene Thomas
  • Andrew Vanwyngarden
  • Justin Vernon
  • Robert Wong
  • HRH Princess Eugenie of York
  • Izzy Zivkovic


  • Dustin Yellin
    Founder & President
  • Gabriel Florenz
    Founding Artistic Director
  • Marcia Santoni

  • Jen Atalla
    Video Producer
  • Hugo Barreca
  • Nimrod Barshad
    Web Developer
  • Regine Basha
    Residency Advisor
  • Emil Bogar-Nasdor
    AV Technician
  • Douglas Calhoun
    Special Events Manager
  • Ben Castanon
    Director of Partnerships
  • Daysi Centeno
    Front of House Associate
  • Vivian Chui
    Associate Curator
  • Christina Daniels
    Residency and Classes Manager
  • Camille Drummond
    Director of Publishing
  • Becky Elmquist
    Communications Director
  • Katya Evstratyeva
  • Anna Feng
  • Greg Fox
    Music Curator-at-Large
  • Joey Frank
    Editor, Pioneer Works Journal
  • Justin Frye
    Director of Music Programming
  • Katie Giritlian
    Publishing Coordinator
  • Kyle Hagerman
    Technical Director
  • Tiffanie Harris
    Head of Community Programs
  • David Everitt Howe
  • Sandy Kassalias
    Senior Manager, Events and Visitor Services
  • Daniel Kent
    Design Director
  • Allison Knoll
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Janna Levin
    Chair & Director of Sciences
  • Milene Lichtwarck
    Science Program Coordinator
  • Samantha Maldonado
    Business Development Coordinator
  • Tommy Martinez
    Director of Technology
  • Angie Meitzler
    Tech Labs Coordinator
  • Carlos Perez
  • Maxine Petry
    Director of External Affairs
  • Marisa Prefer
  • Ethan Primason
    AV Production Manager
  • Gabe Rubin
    Video Production
  • David Sheinkopf
    Technology Adviser
  • Bethany Tabor
    Public Programs Associate
  • Julian Townley
    Installation & Construction

Employment Opportunities

Pioneer Works offers a wide range of positions in an inclusive work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer.