Nettle Loose Leaf Tea

Founded by board certified naturopathic doctor Maria Geyman, Masha Tea aims to create a fun, thoughtful, and sensual tea culture worldwide. Masha Tea considers tea as agriculture, makes thoughtful sourcing decisions, and prioritizes beauty.

Nettle Loose Leaf Tea

- Ingredients: Organic 2022 nettle from Treiber Farm, Long Island

- Flavors: Vegetal, nourishing, soupy

- Instructions: Brew 3-5 stems in a cup of hot water at 200F for 5 mins

- Weight :6 grams

- Non Caffeinated

- Made in Brooklyn

Note: No it’s called STINGING NETTLE for a reason. Use a spoon or tongs while handling. The “stinging” goes away after you pour the hot water on it