Dave Kim The Potter, Dragon Moon Jars, 2021

Dave Kim The Potter
Dragon Moon Jars, 2021
Stoneware and pigment
Dimensions variable

“I am interested in exploring the iconic and historically complex moon jar through a contemporary lens. The Dragon Moon Jars comprise a series of vessels created using traditional Korean ceramic techniques. Referencing blue and white porcelain pottery, the dragon motifs are painted with cobalt pigment.”

—Dave Kim The Potter

Please note that each edition is unique, with variations in the hand-painted motifs. The medium sculptures measure approximately 8 x 8 x 8 inches, while the large sculptures measure approximately 12 x 12 x 12 inches.

Pick up is available from Pioneer Works, and please contact store@pioneerworks.org should you like to request a specific moon jar. 

About the Artist

Dave Kim the Potter’s ceramic practice is centered on his Korean heritage. Currently based in New York, the artist is devoted to carrying on an ancient tradition that has been passed down, working to preserve a craft and culture that is slowly dissipating in the contemporary world. To create his specific style of pottery, he has researched and replicated key elements—form, surface, color, and material that predominate traditional Korean ceramics—alongside a wide variety of techniques including the Sang-gam (inlay), Baek-ja (porcelain-ware), and Bun-cheong (stamps). Dave Kim the Potter embraces the core philosophy behind Korean pottery, simplicity as an embodiment of natural and unpretentious beauty.