FREE FILM is an ongoing conceptual photography project crowdsourcing images from a diverse and spontaneously arranged body of analog photographers across the globe. In each iteration, WORTHLESSSTUDIOS provides photographers with a free roll of 35MM film in exchange for their time and creativity. Each participating artist shoots their roll of film in response to the given prompt phrase, exploring the emotional resonances of a range of collective and individual experiences. Photographers return their exposed roll for free developing and scanning services and the opportunity for their images to be selected for inclusion in a publication. The project culminates with a book featuring a selection of photographs from the returned roll.

WORTHLESSSTUDIOS’ fourth iteration of FREE FILM, FREE FILM : NYC turns towards its home city to start uncovering a new truth about the old topic of community.

Come collect a roll of free 35m film at Pioneer Works at Red Hook Labs (135 Imlay Street) on June 5 (3-5pm), 10 (1-8pm), 11 (1-8pm), 12 (1-8pm), while supplies last.