Ziemba is the performing moniker of NYC-based musician, composer, perfumer, and cultural geographer René Kladzyk. Ziemba’s multisensory creations playfully interrogate space, perception, and the body. Since first making an incense for her debut album (using flowers from the yard of her childhood home), Ziemba has increasingly employed fragrance as a vehicle for transforming sonic spaces. In a 2017 commission at National Sawdust for Guerilla Science, Ziemba composed five-part vocal music for Fire Organ. In this work, the voices of the singers directly transformed the scent in the room, using a fragrance apparatus within the Fire Organ as the translator between the human voice and a continually changing scent. A show at MoMA Ps1 involved a mist-laden fragrant fountain, while a Trevorshaus concert encouraged attendees to tenderly apply scented body lotion to their friends, and yet another show involved fragrant lollipops made in collaboration with Bad Taste. Ziemba has toured nationally and internationally, and has held artistic residencies with the French Institute in Fez, Morocco and Guerrilla Science. Her new full length album, ARDIS, functions as a series of portals into a feminist sci-fi adventure and parallel world. It will be released sequentially throughout the spring and summer of 2019, in the form of audio download, limited batch fragrance, video, tape and vinyl.