Tashi Brauen
Visual Arts Residency

Tashi Brauen is an artist who lives and works in Zürich. He creates photographic images that isolate, recontextualize and re-present industrial and mass produced objects of everyday use.These objects are often physically transformed and/or repainted before being photographed. His process explores the plasticity of found objects in a sculptural and painterly sense. Brauen usually works intuitively and begins his work process by taking photographs of disassembled (or not) common industrial objects in his studio. Brauen has shown his works in a number of galleries and museums in Switzerland, France and USA, at venues such as: Art Museum Bern, Fabrique culture Hégenheim/F, Stadtgalerie Bern, Centre Pasquart Biel, and Museum Bärengasse Zürich. At Pioneer Works, he used materials found on the streets of New York to create photographs animating inanimate urban detritus.