Shana Lutker
Visual Arts Residency

Born in Northport, New York, Shana Lutker received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Arts from UCLA and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work has been shown in the United States, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland.

At Pioneer Works, Shana will develop and rehearse a new work: The Nose, The Cane, The Broken Left Arm, a Performa Commission curated by Summer Guthery. Lutker’s performance piece is based on the night of July 6, 1923, when a fistfight erupted in Paris involving key members of the Surrealist group. The fight ensued during Tristan Tzara’s Dada variety show, The Evening of the Bearded Heart, which was presented on a small stage in the center of the French capital. Tzara’s happening involved short plays, musical numbers, and films by other artists such as Man Ray, Phillipe Soupault, Erik Satie and Hans Richter. Lutker’s play surrounding this evening of surrealism is titled The Evening of the Bearded Heart.”