Seth Kranzler
Technology Residency

Seth Kranzler is Brooklyn based artist and technologist exploring technology through the medium of music and sound. Seth seeks to utilize the innate emotional context of music to examine the impact of technological progress.Seth was a 2015 Google Summer of Code participant, where he contributed to the Tone.js and p5.js javascript libraries. Before learning to program at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), Seth was employed as a metal fabricator and machinist. After receiving a bachelors in mechanical engineering at Drexel University, Seth worked as a product engineer at OXO Housewares.

During Kranzler’s residency at Pioneer Works he will be working on a project called Virtual Habitat. Virtual Habitat is an exploration of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library – the world’s largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos. By way of a multichannel sound installation, Virtual Habitat seeks to address the scale and accessibility of information in the modern digital age by synthesizing the sounds of wild environments all over the world. Participants are invited to explore the dynamic sound installation with the accompaniment of a mobile app which will allow them to explore the database, as well as discover more about the sounds around them based on their audio spatialization. Interspersed within the bird calls and katydids are the mutterings of fastidious ornithologists and the reminder that this may be the only future for experiencing nature.