Reeps One
Music Residency

Reeps One, the moniker of London-born musician and artist Harry Yeff, makes work that is the product of a highly intimate, lifelong relationship with the human voice. He has been experimenting with innovative vocal practices alongside the creative representation of physics and sound from a young age, expanding his phonetic vocabulary to new boundaries. Yeff’s specialization in oral percussion and performance has established a reputation as a key pioneer in the field of experimental vocalism. Exhibiting work across multidisciplinary events such as Art Basel Miami Beach and the London, Milan and Tokyo Design Weeks, Yeff is a polyglot of audio and visual communication who has redefined the role of phonetics as a cross-disciplinary means to connecting artistic, musical and scientific communities.

Yeff’s practice also extends into the academic realm, having served as the subject of a study—the first neurological investigation of its kind to utilize the voice as a medium—led by Dr. Sophie Scott of University College London in 2015. Yeff has since continued to marry his involvement in academic with his own music and performance, harnessing cymatics to translate the organizational powers of sound in real time and to reconstitute the medium as a visual instrument for the deaf. In 2016, he created his hugely successful project Polyphonic Playground, an augmentation of the classic playground structure intended to challenge predetermined patterns of musical composition.