Quenton Stuckey

Music Residency
An only child is the musical alias of dancer and vocalist Quenton Stuckey. Originally from New Orleans and the son of a preacher, Quenton’s work is based on memories of the church and black southern mysticism. As a performer, Quenton has worked with a wide variety of choreographers in New York City including: Gerard+Kelly, sensorial-pop artist Sarah Kinlaw, Simone Forti, and Ryan McNamara. In 2017, he choreographed a work featuring six dancers at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. He has also danced for institutions such as: the MoMa, The Whitney Museum, The Phillip Johnson Glass House, and Mana Contemporary. Quenton is currently a member of the Rod Rogers Dance Company.
In September of 2017, Quenton self released “Imaginary Friend.” An EP under the guise of an only child. The sound is rooted in his history of singing in the church. Vocals are reminiscent of gospel and blues, while production takes on a minimal approach. What is left, is an alternative soul landscape dressed with low-frequency sounds and pop motifs. When performed, an only child fuses powerful vocal vibrato with virtuosic movement. Seamlessly connecting the soul to the body, he most recently participated in the Wythe Hotel’s Interdisciplinary Artist Residency. This included a performance in collaboration with Brooklyn based cellist Crow Vendetti and sensory percussionist Greg Fox, as well as other dancers. An only child has also performed at venues such as: MoMa PS1, H0l0, and Secret Project Robot.