Pedro Wirz
Visual Arts Residency

Pedro Wirz is a Swiss-Brazilian mixed-media artist currently based in both Basel and Sao Paulo. His practice, through which he often collaborates with other artists, curators, and thinkers, is rooted in trust and blurred authorship. His work touches on relational aesthetics and engages in a self-reflexive approach to the art world and the roles it delegates. Pedro Wirz has shown his work in exhibitions around the world including at the Kunsthalle Basel (2011), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2013), Dortmunder Kunstverein (2013), Post Studio Tales, Berlin (2012) Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2013), Galerie Mendes&Wood, São Paulo (2013) and Centro Cultural São Paulo (2013). He was a resident at Cité international des Arts, Paris in 2012 and he won the Peter-Hans-Hofschneider Prize (Stuttgart, 2012) , as well as the “Werkbeitrag der Stadt Basel” Basel – CH and (2012) and recived the Patronage for Young Artists – kunsthalle Basel (2010). Pedro Wirz is a resident at Residency Unlimited. At Pioneer Works, Pedro Wirz works on the creation of an entirely new “American” body of work.