P. Spadine

Music Residency

The Ashcan Orchestra is the voice of composer/tinkerer/packrat P. Spadine, a revolving performance ensemble based in NYC, and a growing collection of homemade and traditional instruments. Since inception Ashcan has been centered on a toolbox of children’s handbells, handmade instruments and colored light bulbs, evolving from forays in through determinate composition and analog performance, into investigations into the musical possibilities inherent to simple Boolean logic, using simple homemade circuitry and mechanical automata to augment the human performers. Through varying means the Ashcan Orchestra has had a singular goal to create small musical universes where simple rules are able to flourish into complexity, as a means to celebrate and emulate the charms of the physical laws that bind our material universe.

The work of the Ashcan Orchestra has been nurtured and furthered in immeasurable ways by residences at institutions including the Clocktower, Roulette Intermedium, and Issue Project Room, along with countless opportunities to experiment on the stages of Silent Barn, Death By Audio, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge and many other towers of the NYC underground. These among countless other stages and people have allowed Ashcan to grow since 2007.