Mimi Onuoha
Technology Residency

Mimi Onuoha is a Nigerian-American artist and researcher whose work highlights cultural contradictions within applications of technology. Her multimedia practice focuses on the ways in which people are differently abstracted, represented, and missed by data and digital systems. She has spoken and exhibited domestically and abroad in venues like Mao Jihong Arts Foundation (Chengdu) and Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), and La GaitĂȘ Lyrique (Paris). Her writing has appeared in Quartz, Nichons-nous Dans L’Internet, FiveThirtyEight, and K. Verlag. In 2014 she was selected to be in the inaugural class of Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows, and in 2017 she was nominated as a Technical.ly Brooklyn Artist of the Year.

Most recently, she was the 2018-19 Creative-in-Reference at Olin College of Engineering.