Maia Chao is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in cultural anthropology, her interest in sociality, inter-subjectivity, and knowledge politics drives her practice. Chao is especially drawn to the contentious border between the emic and etic—the insider and outsider perspectives of a culture. Through video, performance, installation, and social practice, her work often engages the “script,” both as it is known in performance and in psychology—the social behaviors absorbed through cultural influences. Often, absurdity emerges in her work through processes of mimicry, repetition, and play. She investigates the “emancipatory potential” of child’s play as a tool for imagining what has been or could be. For a range of pieces she’s worked with community radio practitioners, linguists, acousticians, archaeologists, and people who don’t visit art museums. The desire to collaborate with individuals originates from an abiding interest in the cultural fluency one gains through lived experience—everyone is an expert in something. She is the co-creator of Look at Art. Get Paid., a socially engaged artwork piloted at the RISD Museum and now in development at a cohort of art museums. She is a Van Lier Fellow of the Asian American Arts Alliance (NYC) and artist in residence at Haverford College. She is currently developing a commission for the inaugural opening of the Shed in New York. A Fulbright grantee, Chao holds a BA in Anthropology from Brown University and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.