Lucia Love
Visual Arts Residency

Lucia Love was born in Manhattan where she lived in a thin triangle with a tv that only showed tanks playing in the sand. Soon her mother, a clothing maker turned purveyor of Early American furniture, retreated to the Berkshires. Her father, a resume man with a Leica who’s famously never had a job, disappeared into the Desert View Drive.

Out in the woods there was little action aside from digging meditation dens under cascading forsythia, and waiting around for an opening at Wizards of the Coast to illustrate Magic the Gathering cards. Young Love returned to the city soon as possible on a grant from Jasper John’s Foundation for Contemporary Arts to study animation and painting at SVA. People discovered themselves there, and learned how to research conceptual movements of the 70s. Upon graduation in 2012 she became the assistant director of Family Business gallery which put on mini shows of hot art every two weeks before the hurricane took our baby away.

Currently Lucia Love has been working with myth, legend, symbolism, crayons, Leipzig school techniques, talking dogs, Shooby Taylor, and hours of sleep, to create a series of Doomerangs. These depictions of totemic contortionists will be a central focus during her stay at Pioneer Works. Through composition and refinement of surface, and the occasional performance of Copernican Revolution, interwoven narratives will continue branching through style and time. Themes of eternal recurrence, and renunciation of frozen waffles will be explored through energetic tableaux. Cost and importance of entertainment will be inventoried, and budgets will be expanded commensurate to affiliates’ desires.