Long Distance Poison
Music Residency

Long Distance Poison’s two month residency, entitled Sound and Time, focuses on investigating methods and techniques for creating existential audio visual experiences. LDP uses the Clocktower residency space and the Pioneer Works recording studio as environments to experiment in the creation of modular synthesizer and analog electronic music, temporally programmed candles, experimental incense, and modular video synthesis that together form the materia prima for three performances.

Started by Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury, the LDP duo focuses on the development of long-form works that emerge from a negotiation and play between conceptual, frequency, and spectral territories and their alterations as they are engaged in time. LDP’s compositions take many forms, mirroring strategies found in drone, noise, and other forms of experimental electronic music; they employ empty and spatially porous zones, sequenced patterns of rhythmic noise, random and pseudo-random processes, improvised keyboard work, chance, and mistake. LDP’s “slow-time” weirdo sound experiment communicates with the Mystery.