Music Residency

NYC-based duo LEYA is harpist Marilu Donovan and violinist/vocalist Adam Markiewicz. 

The group deconstructs traditional connotations of their instruments through a deviant juxtaposition of ugliness vs. beauty in the form of simple, visceral songs. Through unorthodox tunings, amplification, and effects, Donovan and Markiewicz are able to mine unsettling depths, balancing deep euphoria and mourning. 

In 2018, LEYA released The Fool (NNA Tapes), featuring collaborations with Eartheater, PC Worship, Sunk Heaven, and a soundtrack for the erotic film I Love You, directed by Brooke Candy and produced by PornHub. In 2020, they will release a new full-length with NNA Tapes, and a collaborative EP with Eartheater.