Laura Brunellière
Visual Arts Residency

Laura Brunellière is a French artist who lives in Paris an teaches at Esba Talm in Le Mans. Having undertaken studies in photography and film, her work addresses and questions the role of the image through various media be it 3D, stills, video or collage. In “Juste – Ciel”, a film from 2012, she asks of junior high students to free associate spontaneously with a selection of black and white portraits representing icons of the 20th century photography and film world. “Quitter le Victoires”, 2012-2015, a video hovering between essay and fiction, responds to the narrative potentials of the medium when confronting pictures and tangible artifacts of Classical Greece with a living and breathing actress. A parallel production of large scale collages pursues this project in still images. Laura Brunellière has received support from the French Institute for her resdiency this May at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn.