JF Malouin
Technology Residency

Based in Montreal, JF Malouin became obsessed with movement & momentum as a side effect of a bulimic animation career, studying/bleeding over motion in ways we aren’t supposed to. Out of that practice came a motley set of questions covering figurative aspects (the semiologic charge of gesture, posture and behavior, and the representation of self through movement) as well as abstract ones (motion as a raw spatiotemporal state, and the many physical similarities shared between movement & music). JF is the 2016 recipient for the Arthur­-Villeneuve Rio Tinto­-Alcan (by the Chicoutimi University Foundation). His current project is an attempt to grab this research obsession by the collar and craft his own tools. “Movement simulation has been set in the same paradigm since the 1800s, even before film. I feels an urge to pull motion out of that rigid frame (by­-frame)”.

As an artist in residence at Pioneer Works, JF Malouin will create a real­time animation performance through which he experiments his diverging approach to virtual motion for the first time. This mulling over momentum will explore new spacetime textures as motion is molded and carved in performative ways.