Visual Arts Residency

Jaša is a Slovenian artist who lives and works in Ljubljana, Venice, and New York. His works bends temporality into something more palpable. By seducing the viewer into a self-reflexive state of viewership, Jaša creates communal experiential artwork. He works frequently in collaborations, with Crash in Crash in Progress from 1999-2005 (Giorgio Andreotta Caló, Simone Settimo, Peter Furlan & Martina de Lugnani), and recently with Kalu, Junzi, Nina Vidrih, Mark Požlep, Jyrki Riekki and Meta Grgurevič. His most important solo projects include: Cloud Tailor (with Jyrki Riekki), Sinne, Helsinki, 2013; Apnea’s Rhapsody, On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York, 2012; Single, A+A, (curator: Juan de Nieves), Venice, 2012; The Lovest, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana 2010-2013, CRYSTAL C, Tobačna 001 and Vžigalica galleries, Ljubljana, 2014.