Jacob Levenson
Visual Arts Residency

Jacob Levenson is the author of “The Secret Epidemic: The Story of AIDS and Black America,” a social history of the AIDS epidemic and an investigation into race in the post-Civil Rights era.  He has written and lectured about race, terrorism, politics, public health, and media.  He teaches non-fiction book writing and the journalism of ideas at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and Goucher College’s MFA program in Nonfiction Writing.  He has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard and a Fellow at the Open Society Institute.  He is currently at work on a book about social power in American life amidst widespread institutional change.

Jacob will be collaborating with Suzannah Lessard during his residency at Pioneer Works, together they will challenge the traditional way that Nonfiction has been handled in recent decades by developing a manifesto. The manifesto will probe the intersection of the external and internal — the societal and the subjective — with the aim of illuminating how people are making new meaning of the world.