Hypercomf is a multidisciplinary artist identity materialized as a company profile by artists Ioannis Koliopoulos and Paola Palavidi, founded in 2017, and based in Athens and Tinos island in Greece. The main themes the company researches are cultural triggers to emotional reaction, organic and digital sentience, the feelings of comfort and discomfort, and personal and collective experience. The company produces installations, multifunctional wearables, object performances, second hand poetry, and video using indulgent, overtly staged cinematography targeting primal emotional reactions. Hypercomf has created installations and pop up shops at the Koufonisia Archaeological Museum, Koufonisia, Greece; Art Athina, Athens, Greece; Enterprise Projects, Athens, Greece; Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo, Australia; and Sans titre, Paris, France. They are the recipients of the 2018 Artworks Fellowship.

Hypercomf’s residency is made possible with support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece).