Dominick Talvacchio
Visual Arts Residency

Born in Philadelphia in 1976, Dominick Talvacchio is a visual artist, mathematician, and writer obsessed with the idea of losing oneself not in chaos but rather losing oneself in order, and with the mystery of structures that contain patterns and possibilities that exceed the expectations that even they appear to set for themselves. Recently his works – which include drawings, prints, laser cuts and etchings, sculpture, video, digital animation, and performances – have been exploring what he considers to be an erotic charge or life-force inherent in mathematical unfolding. As meditations on or “palpations” of this experience, he creates works which capture the sensuous rigor and austere charm of mathematical movement. Among other projects, at Pioneer Works he is working on the continued development, expansion, and evolution of a piece called One Clock, a digital clock which both does and does not function as an ordinary clock.