David Horvitz
Visual Arts Residency

In his practice, Horvitz grapples with time and standardized measurements, and the shifts that occur when natural phenomena are subjected to manmade systems and vice versa. His participatory practice, often involving close collaborations with other artists, as well as a web-based audience, considers strategies of information circulation and the impermanence of digital artefacts. Unfolding as concrete actions, Horvitz’s works are often ongoing or self-generating projects. His work shifts seamlessly between the Internet and the printed page. Taking advantage of diverse systems of circulation, he gathers and disperses images and objects through media such as the internet, the postal system, libraries, and airport lost and found services. He is known for his often bizarre and absurdist DIY instructional projects, including work on Wikipedia. Optimistically alluding to the possibility of an alternative logic, Horvitz exploits the structures in place around him as much as he deliberately counters patterns derived from professionalization and efficiency.