David Colosi
Visual Arts Residency

Dedicated to a practice of unifying visual art and literature, with each project David Colosi explores varied subjects: peptic ulcers, goose compositions for saxophone, a retired apostrophe and the square root of Santa Claus. Recently, he has been stalking Hippolyte Guillaume, aka Poly, a fisherman who lived on the island of Belle-Ile-en-mer, France, in the 19th century who became Claude Monet’s porter and companion for two months. At Pioneer Works, David will construct a possible biography of Poly from genealogical data and anecdotes from the textual histories of the artists and writers Poly became acquainted with. David is also interested in conducting experiments to find practical uses for his color-grapheme synesthesia. He is the author of the novel Miss Pumpernickel Bread, the theoretical work Towards a Three-Dimensional Literature, Part 1, the poetry collection Laughing Blood, and he recently showed a branch of the Poly work at the FRAC Bretagne.