Cassie Tarakajian
Technology Residency

Cassie Tarakajian is a New York based technologist and artist from Hoboken, New Jersey. She moved to Baltimore, Maryland to study electrical engineering and music at Johns Hopkins University. Post college, she returned to New York and she worked in software development at the media and finance giant Bloomberg, and web development at the design agency of one of the cofounders of Vine, Big Human.

While in the past she has worked primarily in software and hardware engineering, her passion lies in the marriage of art and technology. She enjoys using a wide range of tools and has worked on a large variety of projects. These range from building a live audio processing system with VHDL in hardware controlled by a Wiimote, to constructing a robot controlled by an Arduino, to architecting production ready web applications, to experimenting with front-end browser technologies to make instruments and drawings, to musical composition and sound design in MaxMSP and Ableton. Recently, she has been combining these interests into interactive storytelling and immersive data visualization with virtual reality.