Arthur Nauzyciel
Visual Arts Residency

Pioneer Works hosts Arthur Nauzyciel, French Director of the French Centre National Dramatique d’Orléans to create the US version of Jean Genet’s SPLENDID’S with a group of American and French actors. Written in 1948, Jean Genet’s two-act play is a sensuous, spectral dance of death; a metaphysical rendition of a James Cagney film; a film noir haunted by baroque hallucinations and gay fantasies. The play is created by Arthur Nauzyciel and produced by the Centre National Dramatique d’Orléans. The artistic team include: Damien Jalet, Scott Zielinski, Riccardo Hernandez, and Xavier Jacquot. Actors include: Jared Craig, Xavier Gallais, Daniel Pettrow, Niel Patrick Stewart, Jim True-Frost, James Waterston.