Making and Being: Embodiment, Collaboration, and Circulation in the Visual Arts

By Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard. Additional contributions by Leigh Claire La Berge, Stacey Salazar, Alta Starr.

Aimed at those who want to connect art to economy and produce works that reflect the conditions of their own production, Making and Being provides a framework for rethinking the artist’s practice. In this expanded publication, presented as a book and a deck of cards, artists are asked to reflect on both who they are becoming as they make projects, and also what their projects are becoming as they take shape and circulate in the world.

Making and Being is the culmination of five years of experimentation and research in art school classrooms around the world conducted by artists and educators Susan Jahoda, Caroline Woolard, and Emilio Martinez-Poppe. Trying out ideas and exercises, the authors learned what works—and what doesn’t—resulting in a multi-platform pedagogical project that offers exercises and practices for fostering mindful collaboration, contemplation, and social and ecological analysis. Here, their most essential assignments and activities are compiled into one book.

Published in collaboration with BFAMFAPhD, a collective which includes artists, designers, technologists, organizers, and educators working in the intersection of art, technology, and political economy.

Making and Being will be published October 2019. Pre-orders are now being accepted.