Virgin Writes

Pioneer Works is pleased to present “Virgin Writes,” an exclusive evening of lyrical, Butoh staging of the ancient greek mythological story of Iphigenia. “Virgin Writes” brings together a unique collaboration between three radical women artists, with lyrics written and sung by Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding, music composed and performed live by Yuka C. Honda (of Cibo Matto), and staging directed and performed by Butoh dancer/choreographer Vangeline.

“Virgin Writes” finds a young screenwriter invoked to re-write the fate of Iphigenia, princess of Argos. Condemned to a sacrificial death after a transgression between her father Agamemnon and goddess Artemis, Iphigenia envelops her screenwriter within her tale and encourages him to suffer the burden of creation and reclaim impending doom by giving birth to his own inspired story. Set in the distorted, organic movements of the Japanese postwar, avant-garde movement form of Butoh, “Virgin Writes” reclaims the expected horrific implications of Apocalypse by disrupting fate with revelation and rewriting destiny through creative intuition.

Illustration by Christoper Kardambikis.