Under the Lid of the Id

Classic experimental film work screened on 16mm, curated by Alexander Stewart.


“Under the Lid of the Id” features six short experimental films that embrace aspects of Joyce’s “new mode of language.” Through playful manipulation of the mechanisms by which cinema traditionally constructs meaning onscreen, these filmmakers work with images that resonate with latent implications, Freudian reads and formal puns. There are deep Kodachrome-style mother-issues in Alpsee, and deeply entwined fetishizations of the male body and cars in Kustom Kar Kommandos. What is A Man is a social satire directly drawing from Finnegans Wake, while The Moschops riffs on research into prehistoric behavior as a different type of satire. The Black Tower uses all manner of formal cinematic puns in its desperately paranoid discussion of a looming tower’s pursuit of the filmmaker, and Time Piece is a classic case-study in the wild possibilities inherent in the act of cutting two shots together from the master of the Muppets. The films in this program delight in sublimated desire, witty double-entendre, and situations where a thing is both literally itself and obviously, humorously, more than itself.

Time Piece, Jim Henson, 9:00, 1965
Alpsee, Matthias Muller, 13:30, 1995
Kustom Kar Kommandos, Kenneth Anger, 3:00, 1965
What Is A Man, Sara Kathryn Arledge, 10:00, 1958
The Moschops, Jim Trainor, 13:00, 2000
The Black Tower, John Smith, 24:00, 1987

Total runtime: 73 mins.