The Armed, Ho99o9, Kumo 99, DJ Haram

LPR Presents and Pioneer Works present an evening of enriching fringe-punk-music in the PW Main Hall with pseudo-anonymous Detroit hardcore collective The Armed, who will be joined by legendary punk/rap duo Ho99o9, LA based electro-duo Kumo 99 and the expansive sonic universe of DJ Haram.

The Armed

The Armed (often iconized as ⋈) are an anonymous American hardcore punk musical collective, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 2009. Although no official members of the group are known for absolute certain, the collective has been represented in the media by advertising creative and director Tony Wolski – formerly known as Adam Vallely.The project often features guest collaborators on their releases, which have included musicians such as Chris Pennie, Nick Yacyshyn, Ben Koller, Troy Van Leeuwen, and Urian Hackney. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou has also been involved in the recording and production of most of their releases.

The Armed have primarily been described as a hardcore punk, as well as metalcore, post-hardcore and experimental hardcore.The project has been known to comedically self-mythologise, including describing itself as "the world's greatest band" and having a cult-like presentation – with the mantra "refract" being repeatedly used in relation to the band.


Ho99o9 (pronounced "Horror") is an American punk rap duo that was founded in Newark, New Jersey in 2012 by theOGM and Yeti Bones. The group moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and has released two full-length albums, United States of Horror in 2017 and SKIN in 2022, as well as several EPs. Their music has been described as a combination of hardcore punk rock, industrial death rap, electronics-coated rap, and stoner sludge. Ho99o9 has performed at festivals such as Afropunk, SXSW, and Primavera Sound, and has developed a cult following for their live performances. The group views their work as a form of subversive protest art that delivers black radicalism in an alternative way.

Kumo 99

Kumo 99 is a duo from Los Angeles, California. Established in 2020 by Ami Komai and Nate Donmoyer. They have released two full length LP’s and two EP’s to date.

“Post-national, apocalypse-adjacent, lo-tek love songs for the digital native” – Sean Lim

DJ Haram

DJ Haram is a rap/electronic producer and DJ originally from New Jersey currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Stylistically versatile, Haram is known equally for her bass and club music heavy DJ sets, detail oriented analogue sound design, electronic-folk Middle Eastern production, and abrasive rap collaborations.