In the spirit of Charlie Ace’s mobile record shack, Pioneer Works and Names You Can Trust present Swing-A-Ling, an all day vintage reggae extravaganza featuring a special nightcap performance from The Frightnrs (Daptone Records).

Swing­A­Ling is a 4-­year running summertime engagement put on by the Brooklyn­-based label, Names You Can Trust and held down by resident selectors Monk­One, E’s E & Boogieman. The rotating outdoor party is an ode to the vintage sounds of 1960s­ 1980s Jamaican music on vinyl ­spanning Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Rockers and Early Dancehall / Digital. The mission is simple: Good Sounds, Good Food, Good Family ­a unique slice of tropical vibes in the borough of Brooklyn.

The Frightnrs, a four piece ensemble who have taken the cooled out vintage vibes of Jamaican rock steady, combined it with the raw energy and vocal stylings of 80s Rub A Dub and added a touch of punk rock spirit to create an entirely unique sound that redefines what a reggae band can sound like.

Names You Can Trust is an independent record label based out of Brooklyn, NY. They’ve released over 35 Limited Edition releases on vinyl since 2004, selling a mix of vintage & modern sounds typical of the New York experience ­spanning Afro­ Latin, Reggae, Disco, Dance & Instrumental Music. NYCT has operated on the cutting edge of the intimate connection between New York City’s immigrant population and it’s global roots, having debuted several new­ generational acts from the burgeoning markets of South America including Colombia, Brazil & Argentina. Their constantly expanding roster is a perfect glimpse into the local yet global New York City underground.