Supper Club with Tara Thomas (Breaking Bread NYC)

Pioneer Works Supper Club is a dinner series created to celebrate local chefs as culinary artists, and serve as a community gathering around a unique dining experience.

This edition of Supper Club features Tara Thomas, chef, model, urban farmer and founder of the nonprofit Breaking Bread. Join us at Brooklyn Grange in Sunset Park for a farm to table, vegan spring feast, with sustainability and inclusion at the forefront.

Please note: This dinner will be partially outdoors, with communal tables indoors, and will follow all current COVID safety guidelines. ID and proof of vaccination are required to enter.

Tara Thomas is changing our relationship with food through raising awareness of food sovereignty and working empathically within kitchens, gardens, media, and community programs within NYC and worldwide.

“I alchemize with plants for the love of plants, speaking for food through food. I experience cooking in multitudes, whether it’s the northern Louisianan cuisine, inspired by my roots from my fathers side, and nostalgic recipes from childhood. I want to make food that makes us feel good.”

Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US, operating the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located in New York City. Brooklyn Grange promotes sustainable urban living by building green spaces, hosting educational programming and events, and widening access to locally grown produce in New York City communities.

Pioneer Works Supper Club is presented by Chandon.