Supper Club with Stephanie Bonnin
(La TropiKitchen)

Pioneer Works Supper Club is a dinner series created to celebrate local chefs as culinary artists and serve as a community gathering around a unique dining experience.

This edition of Supper Club features Stephanie Bonnin—chef, artist, designer, and founder of La TropiKitchen. Join us for the first dinner of our 2023 Supper Club series, with dishes inspired by the ancestral culinary traditions of Colombia.

Aura Rosenberg: What Is Psychedelic will be on view throughout the evening.

About the Chef

Stephanie Bonnin and her husband started their food project La TropiKitchen in 2017 by serving friends out of their home in New York. Stephanie is a Colombian born and raised chef, formally trained at ICE in NYC, and at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain. Since founding La TropiKitchen, Stephanie has become a self-taught food ethnographer studying the intersecting migrant and food pathways of her home country. Colombia is richly biodiverse, where the food responds to its diverse territories and regional differences. La TropiKitchen offers a nostalgic experience for migrants and a unique gastronomic expression for the culturally curious. The team is composed of food hustlers and entrepreneurs who deliver comprehensive and hand-crafted experiences through pop-ups, catering, private dinners, and short-term residences.