Supper Club with Norberto Piattoni

Norberto Piattoni, the first chef of the Supper Club series, returns to Pioneer Works in celebration of the exhibition Atelier Van Lieshout: The CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth. The menu鈥攃reated in response to the exhibition’s thematic focus on sustainability鈥攈ighlights alternative modes of food production by using ingredients sourced from local farms and synthetic environments, and prepared through Piattoni’s renowned techniques of wood fire and fermentation. Have a first look at the exhibition with our guest of honor, artist Joep Van Lieshout. Pioneer Works Supper Club is a dinner series created to celebrate local chefs and serve as a community gathering around an original dining experience.

Norberto Piattoni was born in Federaci贸n, Argentina鈥攚here he trained with renowned Argentine chef Francis Mallmann. Norberto worked as head chef for four seasons at Mallman鈥檚 much-lauded Restaurant Garzon in a romantic Uruguayan ghost town. In 2014 he moved to San Francisco to sous-chef at Bar Tartine, where he became passionate about natural fermentation and an eastern European style of preserving and cooking. In 2017, he opened acclaimed neighborhood restaurant, Mett膩, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, serving a locally sourced seasonal menu cooked entirely with fire. Norberto鈥檚 approach to cooking is centered around sustainability. Piattoni is dedicated to finding creative solutions to utilize all parts of the plant/animal when cooking, thus eliminating waste and repurposing ingredients whenever possible. Piattoni procures local produce at its peak and employs fermentation techniques of brining and pickling to make ingredients last through the leaner months.