Supper Club with Chakriya Un
(Kreung Cambodia)

Pioneer Works Supper Club is a dinner series created to celebrate local chefs as culinary artists and serve as a community gathering around a unique dining experience.

This edition of Supper Club features Chakriya Un, founder and chef at Kreung Cambodia. Dishes are inspired by a rich history of recipe sharing and steeped in generations of traditional Cambodian cooking methods.

Xin Liu: Seedlings & Offsprings and Jenson Leonard: Workflow will be on view throughout the evening.

About the Chef

Chakriya Un celebrates the joy of Khmer American cuisine, drawing from community connections and the biodiversity of whatever landscape she's in—be it woods, farm, family garden, or supermarket—creating vibrant, memorable food unique to each setting. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Chakriya brings her distinct approach to Cambodian food to spaces and places across the United States and the world through pop-ups and events.