Supper Club with Alida Borgna

Supper Club is a regular dinner series created to celebrate local chefs and serve as a community gathering. Hosted in the building’s Main Hall or Garden, each edition of the Supper Club invites chefs to create an original dining experience. This month’s Supper Club is an autumnal feast with chef Alida Borgna who will serve up food foraged and hunted from upstate New York.

Alida Borgna is a chef from Umbria, Italy and New York. Borgna has moved between the academic and professional worlds of food over the past decade. She creates edible landscapes using traditional cooking techniques learned through years of working on farms around the world and as a private chef in her hometown of New York.  Her food is meant to challenge her audience, allowing diners to engage and interact playfully while luxuriating in the flavors and textures of the seasons. Borgna holds a Masters Degree in Food Culture and Ecology from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piemonte.