Separate Sundays
March 2021

In isolation, we launched Separate Sundays to explore performances, activations, and residencies that would’ve happened on-site, off-site, or in parallel dimensions during our monthly Second Sundays program. Tune in at 6PM ET every second Sunday of each month with our hosts Director of Music, Justin Frye, and  Head of Residencies and Classes, Christina Daniels. You can listen right here or at

This episode will include:

    • Tech Resident Maggie Hazen will lead us on a tour of her in progress web project, Night Moth, A Mythology of Escape, where she will introduce us to her carceral collaboration with D.W., a resident at the Columbia Secure Center for Girls and the Juvenile Justice Digital Arts Project (JJ-DAP).
    • Hear music recorded during Luke Stewart’s Residency in February 2021 at Pioneer Works, followed by an excerpt from his Union of Universal Unity Discussion Series, a series of talks unpackaging the current moment of post-political turmoil, that were live streamed as part of Experimental Sound Studio’s The Quarantine Concerts.
    • Take a listen to an excerpt from the titular film that will take physical form within Smriti Keshari and Eric Schlosser: the bomb, opening at Pioneer Works on March 19. Scored by electronic music quartet The Acid, the installation immerses the viewer within the story of nuclear weapons in order to explore the perverse beauty and seduction of the machines, alongside the existential threat they still pose.
    • Consider how me might transform our economy in order to address the climate crisis with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, journalist and activist Naomi Klein, and finance expert Régine Clément, both contributors to the climate anthology All We Can Save.
    • Resident astrologer Joey Frank toasts to Pisces with readings from famous Pisces creatives and philosophers

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.