Second Sundays

Second Sundays is a free event series presented on the second Sunday of every month. The program features open studios with current artists in residence, live music, exhibitions and participatory programs exploring art, science, technology and education.


Food and Beverage by Conjure Kitchen, Pintail Coffee, and PW Bar.

On View

Jean Shin: MetaCloud

Using remnants bequeathed by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jean Shin’s MetaCloud explores the fragility of institutional memory when faced with the transition from analog to digital imagery. As of only one or two generations ago, the art world predominately used 35mm slides to document artwork and exhibitions, filling countless carousels, projectors, and cabinets in a desire to archive and disseminate the history of art. Today’s ubiquitous and low cost digital imaging, however, has motivated major cultural institutions to digitize their slide libraries, consequently rendering vast col...Read more

Eric Timothy Carlson: 2 Apollo

Eric Timothy Carlson worked out of a studio at 2 Apollo Street, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for three years. This studio inevitably worked its way into his process—subconsciously dictating objects and materials, while architecturally determining scale and constraint. Carlson thinks of his studio space as a sort of domestic apparatus that acts as a container and catalyst for his art-making.

On view in 2 Apollo is an assemblage of the most symbolic nodes of his studio, in which he also slept, read, and ate. This installation contains his desk, marble slabs, and his bookshelves,...Read more

Sound and Movement Programs



CT:SWaM [Contemporary Temporary:: Sound Works and Music] is presenting a program of spatial sound pieces in the Pioneer Works Media Lab. Artists include: Sabisha Friedberg, Neil Leonard, Mike Bullock, Bob Bellerue and others.

Maria Chavez

Born in Lima, Peru and based in NYC, Maria Chávez is best known as an abstract turntablist, sound artist and DJ.

Boomerang's For the toward

For the toward is a performance of graceful athleticism deconstructed into raw energy. It is an expression of relentless, human physicality straining against crushing weight. Two performers coax, ride, and hurl steel sculptures together to create a bearable environment in which to balance rest and labor.

The Ashcan Orchestra

The Ashcan Orchestra, currently in residence at Pioneer Works, is the voice of composer/tinkerer/packrat P. Spadine, a revolving performance ensemble based in NYC, and a growing collection of homemade and traditional instruments.

Participatory Programs


Kids' Kinetic Boat Race

Make a splash, and race a boat in the Kids’ Kinetic Boat Race! Kids of every age can join us in the garden to make and decorate their very own vacuum-formed boat to race.

Drawn to Fire: Outdoor Pit Firing Demonstration

Presented as part of the annual Brooklyn Clay Studio Tour, ceramists Nicholas Newcomb and Demetria Chappo demonstrate outdoor pit firing to Brooklyn. Witness the exciting relationship between clay, fire, sawdust, horse hair and other elements.

Party Lab Archive Closing Celebration

Pioneer Books celebrates the closing of the Party Lab Archive. Come out to the bookstore across the street and help us put together a core sound sample of the cassette tapes from the archive.

Fact Craft: In Media Res

Sharang BiswasBrendon Trombley

In this game, created by Sharang Biswas and Brendon Trombley, players join the members of a bustling society of bees who grapple with problems threatening the hive.

Fact Craft: Liar's Picnic

Taeyoon Choi
Taeyoon Choi

Can you tell a true story from a false one? Liar’s Picnic, a project by artist Taeyoon Choi, is a participatory game where listeners must guess if the storyteller’s tale is true or false. Their agreement about the truth in story affects next round of play and the roles of the players take on.

Works in Progress: Kristin Lucas

Kristin Lucas
Kristin Lucas

Technology resident Kristin Lucas presents works in progress in the Virtual Environments Lab.

MoodCube Jellyfish

Interact with Artifcial Intelligence. This multi-sensory experience shows another facet of our growing AI knowledge.

Hope Floats Kiosk

Tell Congress how you really feel and leave a message for your representative.

Thollem in Studios


Music resident Thollem will be in the music studio recording all day.

Automatic Drawing Workshop

Come create digital drawings with a virtual pen, and watch as a drawing machine uses a pen and paper to make them a reality. Open to all ages and skill levels.

Industrial Collision: AI and Nanotechonolgy

Join Matthew Putnam, CEO of Nanotronics, for a conversation about the history and innovation in the convergence of nanotechnology and Artificial intelligence, two of humanity’s greatest technologies.

Solar and Star Gazing

Amateur Astronomy Association of New York