Second Sundays

Second Sundays is a free event series presented on the second Sunday of every month. The program features open studios with current artists in residence, live music, exhibitions and participatory programs exploring art, science, technology and education.


Food and drinks by Marlow & Sons and Pioneer Works Bar.


On View


PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince

PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince brings together the work of over 20 artists working in the Haitian capital. The exhibition is a compelling portrait of a historically significant and intensely complex city in flux.

Participatory Programs


Marine Life in Our Nearby Waters

Join us in the Science Studios and Garden to learn about local marine life by observing mollusks with MICRO museum and plankton with BioBus.

8 Ball Radio

Award-winning 8 Ball Radio is taking over our Media Lab where you can join them to watch live recordings of DJ sets. At 7pm, 8 Ball will livestream a Vincent Moon, HAT, & Fanmi Asòtò concert in the North Hall at

Brandon Ares: Musician in Residence Open Studio

Visit resident Brandon Ares in the music studio.

Tech Lab Open Studios

Come chat with our new tech residents Mani Nilchiani, Billy Rennekamp, Toni Dove, American Artist, and Salome Asega about their current works-in-progress.

Solar and Star Gazing with Amateur Astronomers Association

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York in the garden for an interactive look into the sky. *Weather permitting*

Second Sundays Commission: GFP4LTR by Jen Liu

Second Sundays Commission: GFP4LTR is a work-in-progress by current resident Jen Liu. This multimedia work uses VR, cell biology, and text written by Chinese feminist Qiu Jin to explore love and romance for Chinese factory workers, particularly as a means of economic upward mobility. Second Sundays Commissions are made possible by Facebook A-I-R from October – February 2019.

Paper Circuit LED Cards

Learn the basics of circuit building to power your own unique, light-up greeting card.

Spore Party: Fungus Inoculation Workshop

Get dirty in the Garden with urban ecologist Marisa Prefer as we inoculate fallen logs with fungus plugs that will grow into mycelial networks and fruiting bodies in years to come.



Vincent Moon, HAT, & Fanmi Asòtò

Vincent Moon, HAT, and Fanmi Asòtò present a three hour evening of live drumming, video remixes, and live cinema that is the culmination of a week-long residency at Pioneer Works. During their residency, they will be mixing, editing, and remixing recordings and footage from a previously filmed private ritual facilitated by Fanmi Asòtò in Canarsie. The musical performance is presented in three acts: a live cinema performance by Vincent Moon, a live video remix performance by HAT, and a live Vodou performance by Fanmi Asòtò.