Second Sundays: June 2014

SECOND SUNDAYS is a monthly series of Open Studios, Live Music, and Site-specific Interventions presented by Pioneer Works every second Sunday of every month. Opens art & science studios start at 5PM, live music curated by Olivier Conan starts at 7PM.

Art and Science Residencies: Clocktower Productions, Andres Carranza, Jeff Fichera, Robyn Hasty, Daniel Horowitz, James Mercer, Bradley Pitts, Jaša Mrevlje Pollak, The Science Lab, Pedro Wirz
Director of Education David Sheinkopf will be 3D scanning attendees over the course of the evening.

Clocktower Radio will stream artist interviews and the live music during the Second Sunday activities on June 8 at Visitors to Pioneer Works are welcome to visit the station’s third floor studio suite at Pioneer Works during the broadcasts. Clocktower is also sponsoring artist James Mercer’s residency on the third floor where his “Landfill” installation, a glimpse into the discarded future, is on view. Mercer will give a short presentation upstairs at 6:30.

James Mercer’s installation “Landfill” is a speculative project about waste management and garbage set in the year 2157. Presenting trash from both the present and future, a multitude of tiny stories are spread along the axis between real and fake, found and crafted, observed and speculated. This installation unites a host of objects scrounged from the street corners and basements of NYC with drawings and sculptures. A video plays on a “discarded” flatscreen inside the installation to provide more hints about this future world.

Social Poetry with Leslie Lyons: THESE ART FORMS MUST BE DEVELOPED!
Taking a line from William Eggleston’s seminal art film, Stranded in Canton, Leslie Lyons defines her latest public engagement project as Social Poetry. Collecting lines, phrases and portraits from various subjects for each piece, Leslie uses the loose elements of text to craft together larger works of narrative prose, looking for emergent themes and grammatical structure to form meaning. With this project, Leslie’s subjects become collaborators in the creation of work that, she believes, speaks to a deeply desirable connectivity to one another and the creative process. Participants so far include actor and singer-songwriter, Will Oldham; poet laureate of the Museum of Modern Art, Kenneth Goldsmith; Grammy-winning jazz musician, Esperanza Spalding, and many others. Leslie will produce a new work for the project during this intervention so come ready to participate.

EN SEE TEE (b. 1988) was born and raised, attended and graduated (with honors (from an honorable place)), and now resides (with friends (in a friendly place)). He has been here for some time, and may be leaving soon, but for now he remains. His work focuses, and is often inspired, but never limited. He has always been very passionate. He used to be traumatized of the water, but no longer is. In fact, he’s building a boat.
One part root vegetable, one part igloo, one part Dr. Seuss, the treehouse featured at Pioneer Works is part of an ongoing series by En to plant surprises in hidden places. Keep an eye to the horizon and the empty lot as you pass through your day.


Singer and songwriter Ambrosia Parsley is probably best known for the work she did with her band Shivaree Their first album was described by Pitchfork as “ spooked Americana full of eclectic sounds and randy songs about spankings and cannibals.“ Their song Goodnight Moon attained cult status after being featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarrantino’s Kill Bill 2. Ambrosia has now teamed up with Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez who, as the Elegant Too, have produced work for Yoko Ono, Ray Davies and others. Ambrosia has just released her first album in seven years – Weeping Cherry. “sly and elegant “ Jon Pareles. NY Times.

“Madcap rhythms, hyperactive horns, a sense of the absurd, and just a hint of abstract jazz” (NPR) Slavic Soul Party! has created an acoustic mash-up of Balkan and Gypsy sounds with North American music, weaving the gospel, techno, funk, dub, jazz, and Latin influences of New York’s neighborhoods seamlessly into a Balkan brass setting. SSP!’s music has won the ear of fans and musicians on both sides of the Atlantic, and their tunes have been learned by Serbian brass stars Boban Markovic Orkestar and New Orleans funk sensations Galactic, among others. In addition to touring throughout the US and Europe, SSP! holds down a residency every Tuesday in Brooklyn which has become a destination for music fans from around the world. They have performed at Babylon (Istanbul) with the Karandila Orkestar, at Irving Plaza (New York City) with Gogol Bordello, in Carnegie Hall, in Sing Sing prison, as well as Zimbabwe, Mexico, Macedonia and Serbia.