Second Sundays

Second Sundays is a free event series presented on the second Sunday of every month. The program features open studios with current artists in residence, live music, exhibitions and participatory programs exploring art, science, technology and education.


Food and Beverage by Red Hook Snack Bar, Pintail Coffee, and PW Bar.

On View

Jean Shin: MetaCloud

Using remnants bequeathed by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jean Shin’s MetaCloud explores the fragility of institutional memory when faced with the transition from analog to digital imagery. As of only one or two generations ago, the art world predominately used 35mm slides to document artwork and exhibitions, filling countless carousels, projectors, and cabinets in a desire to archive and disseminate the history of art. Today’s ubiquitous and low cost digital imaging, however, has motivated major cultural institutions to digitize their slide libraries, consequently rendering vast col...Read more

Eric Timothy Carlson: 2 Apollo

Eric Timothy Carlson worked out of a studio at 2 Apollo Street, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for three years. This studio inevitably worked its way into his process—subconsciously dictating objects and materials, while architecturally determining scale and constraint. Carlson thinks of his studio space as a sort of domestic apparatus that acts as a container and catalyst for his art-making.

On view in 2 Apollo is an assemblage of the most symbolic nodes of his studio, in which he also slept, read, and ate. This installation contains his desk, marble slabs, and his bookshelves,...Read more

Sound Programs


Chances with Wolves Garden DJ Set

Pioneer Works regulars perform a DJ set with funk, soul, and reggae sounds.

Pioneer Sessions Screening

Take a look at our music residents recording in studio. Musicians featured include Senyawa, James Tillman, Susana Baca & Reeps One.

Eaten by Ghosts: Earth Tongues

Eaten by Ghosts brings together ideas of live improvised music and sound installation in a work written specifically for Pioneer Works by the Earth Tongues ensemble–Carlo Costa (percussion), Joe Moffett (trumpet), and Dan Peck (tuba).

SKOTE presents Tick

Tick is a video installation that marks the end of SKOTE’s 6-month residency.

Sound Lab DJ Set with Discwoman's stud1nt

Taught by DiscWoman DJ and producer stud1nt, Sound Lab is a six-week class designed to teach Red Hook teenagers how to produce and DJ music. Join us to hear the participant’s signature DJ sets.

Chances with Wolves Late DJ Set

Pioneer Works regulars perform a DJ set with funk, soul, and reggae sounds.

Participatory Programs


A Conversation on Black Holes

Georgia Institute of Technology Professors, Dr. Pablo Laguna and Dierdre Shoemaker lead a discussion on the nature of black holes in the Science Studios.

Mechanical Drawing Workshop

Using a virtual pen, operate a robotic arm that uses a pen and paper to make your digital drawings a reality.

Fact Craft: Rumor Bingo

Desiree Des
Desiree Des

Rumor Bingo is a social game that creates space to discuss our ideas about truth and fiction. As bingo cards are turned in and redeemed for prizes, the “dirt” from each card will be shared in real time using a variety of methods—posted flyers, a ticker, and a one-page newspaper.

Wearable Paintings Clothing Sale

Evelyn Donnelly

Visual arts resident Evelyn Donnelly creates wearable works that are inspired by her studios. Bring home your own wearable paintings, repurposed sweaters, shapes earrings, worksuits, and other items.

DIY Pinwheel Workshop

In collaboration with Prospect Park Alliance’s The Connective Project, join us in the garden to create your own pinwheel. All ages welcome.

Embrace in Progress

Rosalie Yu
Rosalie Yu

Technology resident, Rosalie Yu presents 3D sculpture Embrace in Progress and a virtuality piece, Small Scale Violence.

Hope Floats Kiosk

Tell Congress how you really feel and leave a message for your representative.

Condensed Matter

An audiovisual series and archive of complex scientific ideas made small.

Solar and Star Gazing

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association of NY in the garden for an interactive look into the sky.