Second Sundays

SECOND SUNDAYS is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.

Stream the event live on Clocktower Radio at!

Z Robyn Renee Hasty presents a new series of glass plate portraits created during her year long residency at Pioneer Works. Working with transgender, cisgender and a spectrum of genderqueer and gender non-confirming individuals, Z is collection of images that challenges our expectations of how gender is expressed, embodied and perceived.

Biomorphic Wall by Chico MacMurtrie/ARW will make its second physical intervention at Pioneer Works’ Second Sundays, in a new site-specific configuration. MacMurtrie will also premier a prototype of a series of six Border Crossers, ARW’s newest development and work in progress.

From Walden to Space Chapter II/ The hut, 2015 by Stéphane Thidet
This project stages the collision between the book Walden or life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau (1854) and the mission Mercury Seven (1958) sending men to space. It is a polymorphic work, with several chapters, evoking the questions of autonomy, isolation, solitude, but also contemplation and enlarged perspectives through music and live performance with modular synthesizers ( Ciat-Lombarde, Grendel Drone Commander…).

Outpost by Paul Jacobsen
Artist Paul Jacobsen was born in Denver in 1976. He grew up in family of artists in a small mountain town in Colorado and moving to Brooklyn at a young age he has split his time between the two ever since. Forgoing a formal art degree Jacobsen has taken classes in Florence at Lorenzo De Medici Instituto de Arte, studied privately with acclaimed realist still life painter Daniel Sprick and worked for Artists such a Jeff Koons and Rudolf Stingel. Typically working with traditional mediums such as oil paint and charcoal, Jacobsen investigates the intersection of civilization and technology. His works have been exhibited at MASS MoCA and the Aspen Art Museum, among other institutions. Jacobsen lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Mountain when Mountain by Adriana Atema
Adriana Atema makes paintings and immersive installations exploring interconnectivity, contagious behaviour, perception and story. Mountain peaks, black holes, valleys and volcanic eruptions mimic and deviate from the expressions of the human body. A pendulum swings and points to its opposite: flat matte colors and symbolic forms accentuate a chaos that necessitates navigation. Atema paints maps of awareness of body, psyche and space.

OPEN STUDIOS: 4-6:30pm
Carmen Bouyer, Clocktower Radio, Clara Claus, Hyon Gyon, Robyn Hasty, Azikiwe Mohammed, Nanotronics Imaging, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Paul Korzan, Ido Michaeli, Chris Woebken, and Phillip Stearns

Arpana Rayamajhi is painter/ sculptor/ jeweler based in NYC. A recent graduate of Cooper Union, Arpana is also the founder of ARPANAJEWELS. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade in NYC. Materials are sourced from around the world, mainly from her hometown, Kathmandu and NYC, including travels.

ARPANAJEWELS is setting up a booth for at Pioneer Works for Second Sunday to not only showcase the pieces but also to raise fund for Nepal Earthquake 2015. 20% of the proceeds goes to those directly affected by the earthquake.

With Birdie Lawson and Elisia Guerena

La Newyorkina will be selling paletas, Mexican ice pops, in the garden throughout the evening. All products are handmade from scratch in small batches, using the locally sourced ingredients. La Newyorkina donates a portion of their sales to Crea, an organization that helps generate employment opportunities in Mexico for low-income women.

An Added Value Community Farm pop-up market with young organic heirloom plants and local seed sale. Photography of Red Hook urban farms will also be shown.

June 14th is Flag Day, and in celebration of The Read, Right and True, Radio Rossi presents this edition for your #trashDAY listening pleasure at Clocktower Radio. No one is safe from the gleeful trash talk of visual artists Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner — not President Obama, not Uncle Sam, not Sallie Mae, not even Lady Liberty herself. And with performance artist Kanene Holder on deck as American Justice, shit is bound to get unreal. Listen in at

A live set from the DJ extraordinaire Delphine Blue of WBAI 99.5 FM at Clocktower Radio. Expect to hear music from many lands and many genres across many decades from one of the great American radio voices and good souls. Listen in at

In collaboration with Clocktower Productions, Melissa F. Clarke presents field recordings from the Red Hook area and two experimental, techno-house performances, curated by She was Freaks (Mike Sheffield), featuring Plebeian(Andrew Nerviano) and CienFuegos (Alex Suárez).

Plebeian Brooklyn-based Andrew Nerviano combines electronics, pedals, and fuzz, to create complex house music. Stylistically, the project aims to combine cut-up technique, dense rhythmic layering, and noisy psychedelia into a singular brand of techno.

CienFuegos Miami ex-patriate Alex Suárez works with sample manipulation, computer production, and sound texturing for divinity-tinged club techno.

Band 1 squareINNOVE GNAWA 6:30pm
The New York-based group of Moroccan musicians plays Gnawa music – the southern Moroccan trance music with roots in pre-islamic animist traditions. Led by master Maalem Hassan BenJaafer, InnoVe Gnawa uses traditional instrumentation such as the lute-like Sintir and the large castanet type Krakebs to accompany its ancient chants. Their approach is resolutely innovative though – an hypnotic, take on this ecstatic, trance-inducing tradition which has enthralled and inspired generations of musicians from around the world.

all-stars web squareRob Curto’s PE DE SERRA ALL-STARS 8:00pm
Forró, from northeastern Brazil, may have surpassed even samba as the country’s most popular dance genre. Accordionist Rob Curto is widely regarded as Forro’s foremost ambassador in the US. He has studied and performed in Brazil with forró’s greatest names—Dominguinhos, Arlindo dos Oito Baixos, and Camarão. His Pé de Serra All-Stars mixes raw energy with virtuosity. Drawing on the classic repertoire of Luis Gonzaga, it adds new elements gleaned from collaborations with artists as varied as Willie Nelson and the singer Lila Downs, who has written, “Rob Curto is a musician playing in our time the voices of time past—of smiling faces, of moving bodies, of shoes stirring the dust beneath them to celebrate this gentle existence.�? With Rob Curto – accordion; Adriano Santos – drums; Mike LaValle – bass, Davi Vieira and Zé Mauricio – percussion.