Sacred Geometry and the Architecture of Well-being

The Six-Sided Force Lecture Series

Ron’s experiments with alternative hive design for over forty years have convinced him that it’ s necessary to put the “art” back into the “art of beekeeping.” An examination into the relationship between hive structure and the bee organism Ron will discuss the use of alternative hive designs to reduce environmental stresses on bees. His own dodecahedron shaped hives are patterned after the sacred geometry of Pythagoras and the “Endless Columns” of Brancusi. A fascinating topic for artists, designers and beekeepers alike.

Ron has been a gardener all his life and a beekeeper since 1973. He has regularly lectured since 1996 at organic conferences, garden clubs, beekeeping workshops and schools. He and his wife own Bumps & Company, an eco-friendly, sustainable, specialty nursery in West Nyack, NY. Ron also established “The Bee Sanctuary” in both West Nyack and Clavarack, NY, dedicated to the development of sustainable beekeeping practices.